Archer Datacenters was founded to facilitate the sustainability of the growing demand to process, store, and transmit digital information. The enormous power consumption associated with such growth must ultimately be addressed by renewable energy sources.

Internet traffic and data center storage capacity are both growing exponentially. With the proliferation of AI, machine learning, autonomous driving and Internet of Things, this growth will likely accelerate and the increased demand for processing power and data storage will call for increasingly high-density configurations. 

The public cloud is essential to support this growth, facilitating the ability of enterprises to seamlessly outsource their IT supply chain. With a significant majority of enterprise data still stored on-premises, many companies are utilizing a hybrid approach as they migrate their IT solutions, combining the public cloud and private cloud/regional colocation data centers. Geographically diverse colocation facilities will address specific market demand. For instance, dedicated infrastructure required for specific applications, edge computing, industry-specific cloud computing and latency/localization constraints. Strategic colocation facilities will operate as an on-ramp to the large public cloud providers. 

As processing and storage grow, so does the demand for electricity. Large cloud providers and social media companies have made a commitment to renewable energy an integral component of their data center location decisions. Such initiatives may turn the tide towards renewable energy-powered data centers as the industry standard. Proximity to hyperscale cloud facilities allows colocation data centers access to renewable energy infrastructure that has been created specially to address data center demand.

Archer is focused on emerging markets in the U.S. with access to cost-efficient renewable energy that are currently underserved by the wholesale colocation market. We will provide flexible and customizable solutions for our customers with a focus on facilitating hybrid IT strategies.